Level 3 immersion $2000

Rio Anzu will place you with a local family for 3 months. This level of immersion is appropriate for any level of Spanish. There is ample time to learn even of you come in with no knowledge at all. 

Level 1 Immersion $500

Rio Anzu will place you with a local family for 2 weeks. This level of immersion is best if you already have a lot of Spanish speaking experience and just want to hone your skills. Not recommended for beginners. 

Our goal is simple: We want to change the world!


The world is an amazing place full of beauty and wonder. Most of us will only ever experience a small part of all that wonder. Even people who travel around the world often only see things that have been carefully curated for tourist eyes. What if you could truly step into someone else's world, and experience what a normal life is like in a completely different place, culture, and language. You can! Rio Anzu's immersion program is not just about learning, or perfecting, a language; it is about experiencing the world through someone else's eyes. Once you allow yourself a new perspective your world changes forever. 

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Robert Porter, MPA, president and founder. . Robert grew up in Ecuador and Utah. He is passionate about helping others experience the world, and explore new cultures and ways of life.​

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Rio Anzu Leadership

Level 2 Immersion $1000

Rio Anzu will place you with a local family for 1 month. This level of immersion is best for someone who has a couple of Spanish classes under their belt, and needs to work on their spoken Spanish. Intermediate level of Spanish recommended.